Intermediate & Advanced Weekly London Classes

There are regular London classes every Monday unless closures due to Bank Holidays.

All students will be informed of revisions, adaptations or cancellations of the Monday schedule.

Winter/Spring Term classes begin Monday 9th January 2017

Classes are held on Mondays upstairs at Violet Hill Studios, London NW8 9EB, 7-9pm. Please arrive promptly.

Fee structure and details

Weekly Training in Qi Gong and Taoist Practices

These classes are for regular, intensive tuition for established, on going cultivation for intermediate and advanced students and include  all aspects of a fully rounded Taoist Practice. This includes

  • Qi Gong: Still and moving stance and forms inc Xing Shen Zhuang
  • Nei Gong: Internal Arts (Internal Alchemy), meditation and training
  • Shen Qi: Context of Practice, Training Approach and Life Cultivation through talks on text

Students are encouraged to participate in discussions and feedback to recognise and develop their learning process and contribute/support/share in the cultivation experiences of the class as a whole.

It is my experience that the advanced students gain a lot from keeping “conscious innocence” (Wu Wang) of the “Beginners’ Mind” and developing students benefit from the continuity and duration of the more experienced students (Heng) “Duration”.

We continue exploring the inner art of the Qi Gong set known as Xing Shen Zhuang as well as developing the outer flexibility and stamina of this form.

Please note attendance of these classes are by invitation only. Please contact me first.

Fee structure and details

Regular Seminars/Workshops

Dates for Solo Cultivation and revision of all specialist workshops including Text Study will be posted as and when dates booked.