Shen Chi / Taoist Counselling

Shen-Qi (Spirit-energy) talks on problem solving from a Taoist perspective. All my work is put in the context of understanding it from a different perspective, a different set of principles to the ones we are used to. Clarity is to see the approach more clearly… which is important.

The cost is £80 per hour-and-half, thereafter £23 for every extra half hour

Image result for skypelogo pngLive online lessons via Skype are also available. (Skype lessons cost £90 per hour-and-half and payment can be made via PayPal)


Backup on-going and ad-hoc support via Whatsapp is also available. (Whatsapp support only costs £20 for support throughout one day until 30 minutes have been amassed. Payment can be made via PayPal)