Text Study

IChingText study is about a deeper understanding of the principles of a successful and flowing destiny as a “mathematical certainty”rather than a random uncertain fate. Taoist texts connect micro to macro in a complete universe.
The I ching text is an important study of how patterns in everyday life birth and shape the clarity of your accumulated goals along the path.
The Tao Te Ching explores the macro implications of this whilst various other texts explore the micro formulas of the process

£90 for 2 hours Interactive text study


The I Ching is a book which is a reflection of our own original nature, enlightened.

The 64 Hexagrams could be considered the 64 states of our being, leading to our infinite evolution. An evolution that has the possibility of being accelerated with the guidance of the I Ching.

Starting with the 1st Hexagram Ch’ien (The Creative) and its inseparable companion K’un (The Receptive) the 64 hexagrams in sequence, deal with the process of our creative relationship with the universe into realisation.

From the 1st spark of the creative unknown (great Tao) to its slow unfolding in the microcosm of our lives, (personal tao) the book carries a story of the hidden potential of creation itself.

Understood properly, the I Ching book of changes leads, us much like the laws of (quantum) physics (and beyond its current investigation) into the nature of the Cosmos and its fractal within us. The true understanding of the title is ‘Changes in the unchanging, and the Unchanging (constant) in the changes’

All well and good conceptually… but living consciousness is practical. The I Ching focuses intensively on methods of activating insights into practical application.

Without a functioning process and ensuing experiential knowledge, insight is merely a dormant concept based on faith, hope, empty wishing and not the mathematical certainty in the physics of ‘creative being.’ Consulting the I Ching is a process that guides us through our unconscious to make conscious and convert the potential of a reality around us.

The 64 hexagrams are observations of 64 states with individual lines, all specific advice zero-ing in on the recalibration necessary within ourselves, if we are to surf to the macro results found in aligning, harmonising our lives to cosmic potential.

The method of surfing, “Wu Wei ” means to find, tack the line of least resistance, ‘action less’ action that leads to effortless flowing of personal tao within the Great Tao in this journey.

The Taoist lineage is one of alchemy, the ancestors, active participants in the making of their own destinies with a mathematical certainty and if interaction is The Way, it is also my way to find interactive ways of study. In the spirit of this, during seminars, there will be a chance to engage in some conversation, input throughout the seminar so we can explore the I Ching dynamically… which is what the alive consciousness within it wants! 🙂