Testimonial 8.

“I think like many people who find themselves on this path I came from a background with a long history of what I and others labelled ‘illness’.
Part of working with Nilima has been simply to unravel all the various concepts myself and others had held around my condition and to help shed fresh light on a stale situation.?If for nothing else I’m eternally grateful to Nilima for offering a space in which for this unravelling to happen.
But more than this the physical practices Nilima has given me have slowly built into a routine that helps restore and replenish my vitality and strength. Now, I’m much stronger, healthier and in truth happier than I have been for a long time.
However, it’s not just what Nilima does but rather how she does it that is so stunning to me.
The subtlety and organic quality of how Nilima works often goes unnoticed until later, when the realisation hits me of just how powerful a seemingly throw away insight or small added extra ‘peace’ of practice actually is.
Its this sense of ease and understated brilliance that is so striking about working in this way. The most important lesson Nilima has taught me then is to come back to the simple and mundane, to relax into the every day and to realise the beauty therein.”
Matthew Wright 2014