Introduction to Classes

Beginners Workshops

Beginners classes on setting up the fundamentals of a practice are taught in 3? Portobello Saturday workshops a year in West London.. The aim is to get you started on a home ?practice, done in your own time, at your own pace.

Beginners work includes the fundamentals of qigong stance, alignment .? health practices?and an introduction to the Internal Arts within the forms.?All subsequent work rests on foundation of your Basics practice, so it is important to get thoroughly versed in the traditional art of repetitive training.

Using a Chinese 5 Elements principle, the classes are designed to help develop a clear, simple accessible Qigong practice that can be integrated into your daily life and ongoing self development. The Taoist way, is to start with good health and work on the body, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your eco system, how it works, how to improve it.

The Portobello Beginners classes help you to pick up the necessary tools of application and to keep a self guiding, self growing personal practice. Beginners weekly training encourages you to take time to build a solid basic practice and graduate gently to other courses at a pace that suits your learning curve.



Intermediate /Advanced Weekly Classes

Weekly Monday evening classes at Violet Hill Studios St Johns Wood?are aimed at students who have already?established a developing cultivation.

These are integrated studies?including various Qi Gong forms including Nilima’s root cultivation of Xing Shen Zhuang Qi Gong form, alongside?tendon stretching, Marrow Washing,?deeper Internal Arts training?with supporting?text study?references to approach, aims and relevence to form.

It is here you get the most detailed and an experience of the Wu Wei (effortless doing) approach to your developing personal practice and self research. You are also introduced to some Taoist thinking, seasonal calendar, philosophy and literature.

Please note?weekly Monday?classes?are not drop?classes but by?invitation only.? You need to contact Nilima first to get permission to attend.