Chi Nei Tsang Treatment & Private Qi Gong/Text Tuition

Contact Nilima to arrange any of the private tuition or treatment sessions below.

Private Chi Nei Tsang Treatment / Bodywork

?80 per hour-and-half, thereafter ?23 for every extra half hour.

Chi Nei Tsang is an extremely powerful and effective Taoist Stomach Massage, which focuses on releasing root physical, emotional and energetic blockages which, if left unchecked, result in persistent, stubborn ill health.Through deep internal Organ massage, Qigong, acupressure, Healing Sounds and Colours, 5 Elements Diagnosis, and Meridian work, Chi Nei Tsang treatments aim to get to the source of these root problems and shake out the “sick winds” from within. Organs are repaired, connective tissues untwisted, pulses are rebalanced as the flow of “Chi” energy is released to circulate freely around the body again; restoring health and well-being.

Chi Nei Tsang sessions are a dynamic and interactive process between practitioner and receiver, where feedback and participation is encouraged and the healing process is guided and supported by learning and practising appropriate Qigong exercises between treatments. In the Taoist ethics of self-healing and autonomy, the journey through Chi Nei Tsang teaches the receiver to take responsibility and maintenance of health back to the Self.

Cancellation Policy for Private Sessions

  • If cancelling more than 48 hours before the session, nothing is payable.
  • If cancelling 24 ? 48 hours before the session, half session fees are payable.
  • If cancelling less than 24 hours before the session, the full session fee is payable.

Private Qi Gong Tuition

?80 per hour-and-half, thereafter ?23 for every extra half hour.

Private Qi Gong sessions ?designed to help ?you develop a clear, simple accessible home practice that can be integrated into your daily life and ongoing self development. Tuition?includes forms to strengthen the vital organs, and advice on what are the appropriate exercises suited to your unique needs ?and help you?understand the strengths and weaknesses of your eco system, how it works, how to improve it.

Private Life Practice / Text (I Ching) Study

?90 for 2 hours

Interactive text study classes learning how to conduct readings on personal development, goal alignment, problem solving and life pattern choices from The I-Ching (Yijing) ancient Taoist Book of Changes. In consulting the I-Ching, our consciousness is awakened and attuned to an intuitive awareness that is usually ignored as a guide to our lives. In I-Ching studies and readings one is given the opportunity to delve into one of the oldest philosophical works on strategy and problem solving and chart a way back to alignment and harmony in ones life. Find out more…

Solo Cultivation Private Tuition ?Find out more…

??90 for 2 hours tuition