Beginners’ Solo Cultivation Practice

2014 dates

19th January
Violet Hill Studios (upstairs)
Cost ?130
2014 Repeat Solo Cultivation?date to be arranged
Violet Hill Studios (upstairs)
Cost ?130


Profound Qigong and Neigong workshop focusing on the practical implications of health, love, sexuality and physical vitality in harmony.

This sexual energy practice combines?Qi Gong for opening the body, internal Nei Gong meditations for accessing energy pathways, strengthening internal structures and? a chance to learn the techniques that strengthen the reproductive syste as?part of the fundamentals of?a practice known?as?Marrow Washing

In learning how to harness our sexual/creative energy? we become skilled in repairing, integrating and rebalancing health and emotions. By strengthening the pelvic floor gently, (‘sealing the 3 gates’) and opening realigned energy connections/centres throughout the body; we can start cultivating the marvellous properties of Creative/Sexual Energy (Ching) returning essence back into the body to nourish and revitalise ourselves further.

Personal cultivation

Solo Cultivation is an Internal Alchemy?journey?with ourself towards experiencing balance, harmony in sexuality, requiring no-one else to fill the missing part to our whole and is a chance to take our healing sexual and otherwise?into our own hands.

As it implies Solo Cultivation is a journey towards autonomy and has been a constant in my path for over?17 years. The multi-layered purpose of the practice continues to change and develop as I do.

Initially my experience of it was one of incredible physical and stamina recovery from serious ill health, surgery and long periods in hospital ( where there was nothing better to do than learn to meditate!)? learning how to replenish and conserve energies.

This was a discovery that sex was life and life sex. This was my first significant?understanding of the false?separation of mind body and spirit. They are a unfied single state, not disembodied.

I found I had gained access to a vital creative/sexual energy in life and ill health at a root level got healed. The fulfillment I found in Solo cultivation continues to give me great peace, great autonomy in my sexual energies with and without a partner.

This is a freedom that doesn’t depend on external situations, it is an internal liberation, a joy of connection to the Universe that cannot be explained.

More recently my Solo Cultivation found expression in?5 years training in ?Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu?and proved invaluable in further developing stamina, strengthening structure and alignment, inner posture, vitality, subtlety of application and balance of mind needed for this beautiful but exacting art!

Whether single, married, partner, or parent, Solo Cultivation practice presents a practical and yet stunning vision of ourselves strong in body and stamina, supple and straight in posture, skilled in health and the secrets of vitality, earthed and in touch with evolving health, sexuality and higher potential.

This is what I consider true?beauty.

Private tuition also available for those wishing to study this practice further.

Please note that this workshop is available only?to Lotus Tree intermediate and advanced students.