Online Nei Gong (Internal Arts) Meditations

At present, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all classes are online.

Nilima teaches this essential ability to move energy through meditation in all her work. She is planning to open up online internal arts classes soon so keep an eye out on this website!

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Nei Gong  – These internal-arts meditations are the hidden core of Taoist practices. The uniqueness of internal-arts techniques is the ability to move Qi (energy) at will. Once learned, you can access the applications of this Yi ability in any situation.

The meditation skills taught within the Lotus Tree, refer specifically to developing some of the skills within the vast system of Internal Arts available within Taoist cultivation.

There are many applications in learning Nei Dan/Nei Gong otherwise known generically as Internal Alchemy.

This is to develop a certain sort of  “exquisite attention” as one of my students put it, in attaining a certain sort of deep inner relaxation of the inner body allowing  the Qi to flow more easily. It is not a form of awareness that can be developed through sports or external arts. Its basis and powerful healing potential lies in attaining a deep inner stillness and open relaxation which is the root intelligence of natural and perfect functioning health.

Beginners Internal Arts start with developing ability to ‘scan’ your body and vital organs on a regular basis to strengthen and replenish lost energy that give rise to various conditions, ill health, depletion and general dis-ease. It includes specific healing sounds to strengthen vital organs and clear circulation within the body.

The main aim is to get the student to start feeling confident in participating in their own healing process and to develop techniques that work  in conjunction with their current treatments/health cultivation, whether in western or alternative medicine. To develop an awareneness of the internal body within. It is also to develop a certain sort of Yi, a body mind that exists outside the thinking mind and arises quite naturally when mental activity subsides. The bodymind holds many secrets to healing and evolution of ones unified ecosystem.

Taoist Nei Gong practice sometimes sounds somewhat esoteric but is deceptively simple and practical, and goes deep. The penetrating power of internal arts is the ability to profoundly effect the physiology & psychology of our biological and spiritual ecosystem.

Once we have the ability to access this energy and move it at will, the benefits become immeasurable. Whether it is the ability to repair our bodies. improve circulation, rebalnce or energy levels or dive further into developing the potential of our physical and energy bodies, the ability to be able to do Ni Gong brings immediate autonomy of our ecosystem back to us. It is exciting to realise that we ourselves hold the greatest key in our abilites.      

People are often surprised to feel such a strong Qi (chi) connection, even in their first Qi Gong or Nei Gong meditations. And the more connected you become, the deeper it goes…


Key dynamic internal-arts meditations. To access, re-connect and integrate your inner-body systems you need to learn what is energy meditation. Initially we learn Nei Gong through

  • Strengthening vital organs
  • Improving circulation
  • Connecting electrical pathways through minute alignment.

At an intermediate level students go further into exploring a more advanced state of relaxation, starting to “feel” the movement of  Qi (Chi) rather than imagine or visualise it. It becomes a physical experience. The core aim in various methods taught is to become aware of the body as having “”internal space.” Space in the organs, connective tissue , skeletal frame, muscle and tendon system. We feel the hidden inner body within and from this point can start liberating the hidden potential within qigong forms.We start to understand that the Qi (energy) body within is revealed by practising Qi Gong (external form work)

At an advanced level study continues in the power of untwisting our connective tissue knots through Nei Gong. We also learn how to clear the meridians and the connect the electrical flow within us.

Emotionally with awareness developing to consciousness of another plane of existance, that of “Neutrality” hidden and subconcious emotions controlling our behaviour and body are brought to the light of consciousness and dissolved quite easily.

Advanced work also includes living within the “naturally” breathing inner body “no breathing breathing” where inefficient over exertion and undue “effort” of the bodys natural functions, breathing , eating, moving , stillness is  reduced or dissolved  to an efficient minimal effort , allowing natural health to take over. We  start to consciously “get out of our own way,” rather than consciously striving to “get healthy” or “happy.”

A unified Mind Body Spirit becomes one integrated state of awareness. We learn how to maintain an ever increasing relaxation of inner tension and let our natural intelligence “get on with it.” This is wu wei, the ability to let it happen and our intervention to correct a distorted Qi field becomes easier and easier.

One of the benefits is that we are able to clear illnesses and tensions at seed level quite easily, where ever they appear so have increasing guardianship over our own functions.

Private tution is also available online £90 per minimum hour and half session and up to 2 hrs if required.

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