Online Qi Gong

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all classes are currently online.

Ancient Chinese healing postures in still and moving forms,

  • Qi Gong has many different applications, depending on its purpose.
  • Recovering health
  • Gentle strengthening of the body
  • Increasing vitality
  • Evolution of the body’s potential through Taoist Alchemy

Every Monday 7-8.30pm we meet online to practise both Sitting and Standing Qi-Gong Forms for Health, Revitalisation and for deepening the Meditation Mind.

7-8pm is in-depth tuition on forms & stances, their health applications and very deep training on the way to sensitise to the qi (energy) hidden in the movements. All elements are brought together in teaching alignment of good posture that enables the qi electrical force to circulate optimally through the body.

8-8.30pm You can leave after the first hour (8pm) or continue through till 8.30pm with us, in a Q&A notes section.   

We are a group of friendly practitioners who meet online every Monday where our teacher, Nilima, head of the Lotus Tree, teaches us a holistic, integrated body of Taoist Practices. It is an approach with a strong emphasis on making you functional. Some of us have been practising a long time; some are new – we are all interested in staying well on many levels.

Nilima teaches us master keys from the following aspects of Taoist cultivation:

Qi Gong – Slow sitting and standing forms for health revitalisation. Qi Gong is about learning how to connect with and generate a flow of Qi (energy) through your body. In dissolving blockages and strengthening our vital organs and key physiological systems, we learn important self-healing skills. This then allows us to further develop the potential within our bodies.

Nei Gong / Yi Development – These internal-arts meditations are the hidden core of Taoist practices. The uniqueness of internal-arts techniques is the ability to move Qi (energy) at will. Once learned, you can access the applications of this Yi ability in any situation.

Taoist practice sometimes sounds somewhat esoteric but is deceptively simple and practical, and goes deep.

People are often surprised to feel such a strong connection, even in their first Qi-Gong class. And the more connected you become, the deeper it goes…

Online  Monday Qi Gong classes cost £12 per session. Alternatively you can buy a 4 classes for £40. You can mix block bookings between the online qigong class and the online Shen Qi wisdom path / I Ching text study class on Fridays 7-8.30pm

email with your interest in attending the online qigong class and the Zoom link will be sent to you by email

Online private sessions

£90 per hour-and-half minimum and session can be up to 2 hrs if required.