Online Shen Qi / Taoist Counselling

In the current coronavirus pandemic all sessions are online 

These Shen-Qi (Spirit-talk) sessions are about problem solving through a Taoist perspective and method. All  seemingly disparate problems anxieties and situations have a singular common root according to the Taoist way of problem solving. The core principle of this sessions are to get to the fundamental underlying recalibration needed to unlock and positively affect the aspects of a situation. These are counselling sessions based on the texts of the I Ching that form the basis of a functioning life path. 

 The I Ching page discusses Taoist clarity and lays out a different set of principles to solve problems. Sometimes startling in its unexpected resonance, we are encouraged to see the approach more clearly in order to create the underlying foundation on which we base our aims. 

The cost is £90 per at least hour-and-half, and up to 2hrs. 

Image result for skypelogo pngLive online lessons via Skype and Zoom are also available. ( payment can be made via PayPal)


Backup on-going  Whatsapp support post session is also available. (Whatsapp support only costs £20 for support throughout the day for up to 1hr.  Payment can be made via PayPal)