Online Text Study (Taoist Wisdom Path)

IChingAbout The I Ching (Yijing) 

 Taoist text study is about gaining a deeper understanding of how the “mathematical certainty of potential” works in our lives. 

The i Ching teaches us how to approach our lives in the way we live it. Crucially we are taught how to dissolve conditioning that so impedes the natural flow and ease in the way we conduct ourselves.

We have to unlearn to learn properly. That means retaining the ability to remain spontaneous and open minded. Central to this, is learning how to work creatively with the unknown. We need to dissolve the rigid  fearful ways, conditioning makes us create. Openmindedness, consistency,  flexibility, and ‘being moved spontaneously in right timing’ unfolds a nourishing fulfilling experience and avoids rigid predetermined narrow solutions, with all its intransigent imprisoning problems.  

The I Ching (Yijing) text is an important study of how patterns in everyday life, birth and shape the clarity of our accumulated goals along the path. The degree to whichwe feel spirit freedom, ease and happiness depends on our approach. When we understand how to an ease into our life, starting at the mundane daily level we start on a transformative and inspiring journey of evolution.   

Our cultivation shapes the realisation of our goals. The 64 hexagrams in the I Ching are master key principles to explore the recalibration of our approach on to sound fundamentals. We establish the stable basis for our aims along our life path. Whilst the Tao Te Ching tends to explores the macro implications of this,  the I Ching explores the micro realities of the process. The I Ching is a book which is a reflection of our own original nature when enlightened.

The 64 Hexagrams could be considered the 64 states of our psyche, master key principles containing an evolutionary path that has the possibility of being accelerated under the guidance of the I Ching. Through problem solving and developing our goals the I Ching becomes a ‘how to’  experiential lesson in understanding its wisdom.

Starting with the 1st Hexagram Ch’ien (The Creative) and its inseparable companion K’un (The Receptive) the 64 hexagrams, deal with the unfolding process of our creative relationship with the universe into realisation.

 To recognise how the creative unknown (great Tao) guides us to cosmic solutions, is zig-zag, subtle and all increasing process. The empowerment is profound and permanent, the lessons in problem solving thorough. Personal Tao is about learning how to follow the process, not lead it. It is a way of filling up the underlying pits and holes that keep us stumbling and unable to learn. Understood properly, the I Ching book of changes leads us into constant joyful transformations, liberating our energies and activating our potential. 

Living in creative consciousness is a practical experience. The I Ching  focuses forensically on methods of accessing insights and activating them into practical application. Consulting the I Ching is a process that guides us through our unconscious to make conscious and convert the potential of a reality around us.

The 64 hexagrams are observations of 64 states with individual lines, all specific advice zero-ing in on the recalibration necessary within ourselves, aligning, harmonising our lives from cosmic potential Great Tao into our personal cultivation Personal Tao. 

 The Way, is also my way to find interactive ways of study. In the spirit of this, during seminars, there will be a chance to engage in some conversation, bring your input and experiences to full consciousness. It is how we explore the I Ching dynamically. The alive consciousness (Shen) within the book wants to resonate with the alive conscioussness in our original nature. Thus the true understanding becomes ‘Changes in the Unchanging, and the Unchanging (constant) in the Changes’

7-8.30pm Online Friday Shen Qi (spirit talks) classes cost £12 per session.

Alternatively you can buy 4 classes for £40. You can mix block bookings between the online Shen Qi wisdom path / I Ching text study class on Fridays 7-8.30pm  and the online Qigong class Mondays 7-8.30pm 

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Private sessions £90 for 2 hours. Interactive session on problem solving and Taoist counselling