Structure Rooting Alignment Practice

Ironshirt and Shen Weekend

2 day workshop
Sat 5th November & Sun 6th November 2011
10am – 5.30pm.
?185 for the weekend
(?90 deposit and advance booking.)

Fundamentals Review Evening

Date to be arranged
Violet Hill Studios (upstairs)
Cost ?40?(?20 deposit)

Gently advancing to the next level of practice from weekly basics, this structure and alignment workshop further opens the body, strengthens the skeletal frame, aligns structure, develops further rooting and tendon preparation. It is the beginners next step in understanding and regulating the Body’s functions, strengthening the immune system, achieving hormonal balance, nourishing bone and bone marrow. It is essential preparation that leads the way later higher practice, and martial arts application.


In the Nei Gong meditations, mind (Yi) is trained and rooted deeper into the body, for cellular repair and healing, bringing the ecosystem into a smooth running whole. If you have had genetic/acute/chronic illnesses, surgery, stress, creaky spine, back pain, closed toes and feet, shoulder /neck ache, arthritic joints, ripped tendons and ligaments or a generally sluggish and weak body, this is the workshop for you. The teaching emphasis is on gentleness, meditation and energy connection as a way into the body. Yang Practice needs a Yin approach!

Open only to students from the London/Hampshire monthly classes.