Welcome to The Lotus Tree

Explore 6000-year-old Taoist?Practices. ?Awaken your healing potential and activate the latent energies of The 3 Treasures Jing, Qi (chi) and Shen within your body. Access unlimited energy for everyday life, by discovering the ancient Chinese arts of Qi Gong ( Chi Kung) and Nei Gong (Nei Kung). Learn how to harness and transform the rich potential of life-force energy (jing) into the potent and powerful healing force of (qi) and the illumination of spiritual energy (shen)

Using a 5 Elements approach as the way back to balance, learn to take charge of your own health and understand how to improve it. Regain constitutional health, stamina; enhance sexual vitality, release emotional blockages and realign your ecosystem back to its original harmony. Look and feel younger, vibrant and more creative. The Lotus Tree Class provides a sensitive, supportive, and educational space for those interested in the Taoist art of self-healing.

Through a combination of Qi Gong (Chi Kung), 5 Elements Organ Work, Posture, Still and Moving Meditation, the 6 Healing Sounds and principles of Tai Chi, the Lotus Tree Class offers an opportunity to be guided through the awakening and recycling of Life-force Energy. Beginners welcome. No prior knowledge necessary.

The Lotus Tree offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Qi Gong (Chi Kung) classes along with the full curriculum of specialist studies, text, in London., with occasional outreach work and retreats outside.