Tarik – Junior Instructor

Tarik Onac - Junior Instructor15 years ago, I began as a student with Nilima because – having tried to meditate – I couldn’t. In fact I couldn’t meditate or feel chi. Nilima’s intuition, expertise, kindness and (I should also mention) patience have made it possible for me to re-learn this and I now have a much more fruitful Qi Gong / meditational / life practice

In the modern world, lots of people try to learn things; in Qi Gong we try to un-learn. Thus, as I continue to climb out of the various traps I inadvertently fell into as a result of my long, stuffy academic past, I am now enjoying becoming more of an – uh – idiot (again)

I enjoy teaching Qi Gong both in public classes and in the corporate sector