Testimonial 7

“I think like many people who find themselves on this path I came from a background with a long history of what I and others labelled ‘illness’.

Part of working with Nilima has been simply to unravel all the various concepts myself and others had held around my condition and to help shed fresh light on a stale situation. If for nothing else I’m eternally grateful to Nilima for offering a space in which for this unravelling to happen.

But more than this the physical practices Nilima has given me have slowly built into a routine that helps restore and replenish my vitality and strength. Now, I’m much stronger, healthier and in truth happier than I have been for a long time.

However, it’s not just what Nilima does but rather how she does it that is so stunning to me.

The subtlety and organic quality of how Nilima works often goes unnoticed until later when the realisation hits me of just how powerful a seemingly throw away insight or small added extra ‘peace’ of practice actually is.

Its this sense of ease and understated brilliance that is so striking about working in this way.

The most important lesson Nilima has taught me then, is to come back to the simple and mundane, to relax into the every day and to realise the beauty therein.”

Matthew Wright

Student 2014


Testimonial 6

Tarik - Junior InstructorI have been attending the LOTUS TREE classes for some years now with breaks from time to time when family commitments have taken over. Over that time I have benefited enormously from this.

The Lotus Tree has become like a second family for me with friendships forged in common interest of THE TAO. The work we do each week changes over time and is linked by NILIMA to the changing seasons and the Celtic calendar. It is in perfect harmony with my work which is FENG SHUI and REIKI.

Nilima is a wonderful teacher coming from her position as a passionate practitioner of Chi Kung and from empathy and true compassion. This can be tough at times as she is rigorous in her standards but she always acknowledges the progress we are making. She is very encouraging and gives feedback to her students individually as we work through the exercises. I really like that Nilima is a perfectionist helping us to improve more and more. She prefers that we do some postures really well rather than rushing through a set form in an indifferent manner.

Some of the benefits I have gained through the classes:

  • Lengthening my spine and feeling taller
  • Becoming very grounded and able to stand firm
  • Substantial healing on arm injuries
  • Support as I work through grief at the loss of close family members
  • Much more confidence in my body
  • Bringing up deeply stored emotions for healing
  • Learning how to use the meditational mind to open my body
  • Learning how to let the Chi support my postures
  • Much better postural alignment
  • Opening to the wonders of the I Ching

I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that I keep coming back over the years. As I have a very high standard in my Reiki teaching I look for that in my own teachers and NILIMA is one of the few who can provide it.

Amravati Mitchell
Heaven on Earth Reiki Master and Feng Consultant
Fengshui UK


Testimonial 5

Qi Gong with Nilima is a gentle healing experience full of positive praise. For me it has been a journey of enhancing my self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness and improving my ability to communicate.

Lyn Meikle
Qi Gong practitioner

Testimonial 4

Nilima works with the highest integrity creating a safe and non-judgemental space. She works with the natural rhythms within the body and also with regard to the seasons.

She imparts a wisdom and a way of living, which empowers each individual to follow their own unique healing journey. She is able to communicate to the West, ancient Eastern philosophies and practice in an accessible and approachable way.
Nilima’s teaching embraces the mind, body and spirit and under her support and guidance students are given tools for vibrant health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Both mind and body learn to become at ease and in harmony with the earth and with the changing seasons.

Nilima lives and breathes her work and her own personal practice is an inspiration to her students to continue on a life long journey of practice which offers the gift of healing and inner peace and fulfilment.

Pauline Groman Founder Violet Hill Studios


Testimonial 3

What I have always liked about the Lotus Tree is answers. If I have had questions about my life, my practice involving movement or that involving meditation, the answer has always been concrete. It might be “Well, that’s because it’s your liver that needs work” or, “Well it’s kidney season so it makes sense that you need to work on your kidneys at the moment.” These sort of answers have helped give me concrete direction that’s so real I can feel it. By following this direction, my progress has really accelerated Working closely with Nilima has truly been enlightening for me. My practice has become deeper in every way and most importantly, my everyday life has changed as a result. Even over the last year, I can honestly say that every single major aspect of my life has changed. The mixture of knowledge, experience and – most of all – integrity that Nilima embodies have made me feel privileged to be one of her students.

T. O. Financial Consultant (name witheld by request)


Testimonial 2

I came to the Lotus Tree in a state of very ill health with quinsy, an abscess on the tonsil. I had been pushing myself in my work at the expense of my health for a long time, and my body was finally telling me it had had enough. I had no idea how to live in a less self-destructive way until I began to practice Neigong and then Qigong as taught in the Lotus Tree. The healing power of these practices and Chi Nei Tsang has helped me greatly.

When I fell ill, I was a foreign correspondent living abroad – highly competitive and testing work, both emotionally and physically. But thanks to the techniques I was learning, I was able to work even in a weakened state, by taking breaks and practising breathing. It was a delight to learn to be more autonomous and not rely on the mysterious diagnosis of doctors. I felt I was taking my health into my own hands under guidance that I trusted. Nilima supported my practice long distance. I attended classes and had private sessions when I was in London, and when I had a question, I was able to correspond with Nilima by email. A serious and yet relaxed approach to practice is encouraged at the Lotus Tree, without a sense of hierarchy – the feedback of beginners’ on their practice is as valued as the more experienced. In time and as my strength returned I was delighted to find that I was getting out of bed in the morning to practice Qigong.

I noticed small improvements in my health from the start- soon after learning Neigong I no longer had to take pills for my digestion. And since then I have learnt to practice different exercises picked up in Neigong and Qigong to treat various aches and pains in the body. Now I am in good health and I am enjoying watching my stamina increase. I am more relaxed, which means I enjoy life, other people and my work more, and feel a great optimism about the future.

C. C. Foreign Correspondent (name witheld by request)


Testimonial 1

Learning Qi Gong with Nilima, I am experiencing how to access the landscape of my bodymind and energy. And, with that, I am learning how to open to nature, how to discover my own rhythms as part of a bigger rhythm that underlies the seasons, the elements and all. So I feel much more connected, both to myself, to life and to a profound sense of my path opening up.

This is a very real process. As Nilima says, “There’s nothing airy-fairy about it.” It’s a journey towards reality. It’s about facing oneself and dropping illusions. You start from a very real point – your body. ‘Why does my shoulder still hurt after decades of yoga and osteopathy?’ That question led me to a friendship with my left scapula that is teaching me valuable things about myself. I now realise it has been my thermometer, my navigator. It has been sending me messages to help me know what’s good for me or not. And the more that Nilima has given me skills to listen to it, the less it needs to shout at me. Three decades of shoulder pain is dissolving away.

I now feel I am growing younger as I get older. Qi Gong teaches you how to look after yourself through ‘coming home’ to your self in your body, to an experience of ease and connection. It has a transforming effect. Nilima is helping me to gradually befriend and dissolve my aches and pains, my limiting habits and ill health, and this has started to turn a lot of really difficult stuff around for me.

Not only does Nilima offer powerful healing, she gives people the skills to heal themselves. Every class, every treatment she gives is full of teachings that you can take away and do for yourself. I value this immeasurably.

And the wonderful thing about Qi Gong is that you can incorporate it into your life on an everyday basis. You can sit at your computer or stand on the tube and send an inner smile to your kidneys. Nobody notices. Except you, because instead of feeling achy and strained, you start to feel calm and rejuvenated. It takes a bit of practise but, even from the first class, I began to learn fundamental skills of self-healing that I use in everyday life.

Jenny Rush